We audit the financial statements of your company, as well as review and compile them. We have the expertise and rigorous training to conduct attest services on the basis of comprehensive standards and ever-changing regulations. We also issue a variety of reports based on agreed upon procedures, forecasts, projections and proforma information.

What Our Clients Say About Us…

“(Mahoney Sabol ) offers more than just strong public accounting principles and tax services, they gain an excellent sense for the overall health of our business during our reviews and audits.”

“…I have found my service partner a valuable “financial therapist” …recommending corrective action to improve our business’ balance sheet, P&L and EBITDA performance. Several improvements to our internal financial systems have occurred…The most beneficial has been the assessment of our inventory from finished goods to scrap reclamation. The information they provided gave us great direction for properly valuing our entire inventory within our business.”>
Audited, Reviewed and Compiled Financial Statements

Providing audit opinions, review and compilation reports on financial statements is a cornerstone of our practice. Whether your need is for banking, bonding, to meet regulatory requirements, or simply for peace of mind, we have expertise you need.


Due Diligence Reviews

We can assist you prior to an acquisition from both an accounting and tax perspective. We analyze the potential company to identify tax implications and confirm the accuracy of the information provided from the target company. We also explore funding alternatives for the acquisition and any related effects on financial statements.


Employee Benefit Plans

We audit benefit plans and prepare tax filings.We can advise you on the best plan for your needs, help you set the plan in place, and suggest sources for trusted legal advice.


Financial Forecasts and Projections

Before you purchase another entity or plan for growth, our firm will prepare these reports both for you and your lending institution. They serve as vital support to lenders, outlining the anticipated steps toward the goal and a plan for loan repayment. We will help you understand how forecasts and projections work and report on their accuracy.