Trusts and Estates


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Our thoughtful approach to caring for the whole person brings heart to our Trusts and Estates practice.

If you’re like most people, you’ve delegated estate planning to the realm of things to be done “someday.” Proper estate planning accomplishes two major objectives.

Many people think they should only go to a lawyer when a loved one passes away. But the reality is that your CPA is generally closer to your financial situation and knows more about your family and the impact this will have on them.  He or she is the best person to contact first for guidance and advice. Estate Planning is for today as well as yesterday. It’s a great exercise to help you realize your financial goals, build a legacy for your loved ones, exercise philanthropy, and live comfortably.

By its very nature, Estate Planning is all about financial planning and asset management. Who better than a CPA knows how to objectively and methodically get to the heart of the numbers and value of your legacy?

Proper estate planning accomplishes two major objectives:

  • It ensures that your wealth is distributed according to your wishes, and
  • It can reduce the payment of federal and state estate taxes.

As important, thoughtful planning can prevent needless anxiety among those you most want to protect, at a time then need stability the most.

Business owners, especially, are faced with a unique set of estate planning challenges that, left unaddressed, can compromise a successful transition to the next generation or new owners.

Call our team of experts for your Trust & Estate planning needs. Here are just a few ways we can work with you to sort out your needs. We’ll …

  • work with you to put together a plan to meet your needs with minimal government interference and expense.
  • help you safeguard your assets from exposure to unnecessary risks.
  • navigate you through the complexities of tax-optimized gifting and inheritance.
  • provide sound guidance through the maze of continually changing state and federal tax issues facing estates.
  • take care of the administration of your estate, maintain an accounting of estate income and expenses, tax returns, and reports to the probate court..
  • work with your attorney to achieve your best interests. And, we can recommend trusted legal advisors, if you need find one.


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